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Passionate about serving others (and eating), Lindsay Conroy pursued her first career in the hospitality industry, earning degrees in Culinary Arts, and Hospitality + Tourism Management from the Culinary Institute of Charleston, SC, and worked in some of the country’s top hotels and restaurants for 19 years. In a turn of events, she (unknowingly) began a career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, which led to becoming a licensed esthetician in 2014. 

Lindsay focuses on targeting skin health integrity, "aging well" facial treatments, and working with the body's own natural healing abilities; and beauty treatments were chosen to help create ease in your daily beauty routine. The mere act of caring for ourselves in every aspect of our lives, including spa + beauty treatments, can alleviate stress, boost overall health, increase self-confidence, generate mindfulness, and bring on feelings of joy and happiness. 
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