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Passionate about serving others (and eating food), Lindsay Conroy pursued her first career in the hospitality industry, earning degrees in Culinary Arts, and Hospitality + Tourism Management from the Culinary Institute of Charleston, SC. For 19 years, Lindsay worked in some of the country’s top hotels and restaurants, learning the value of providing sincere service while ultimately caring for others. She then began her career in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, which grew into a bridal makeup business. Makeup and her never-ending battle with adult acne motivated her to become an esthetician. Lindsay loves to share her knowledge with clients on all things skin related. 
After being diagnosed several autoimmune disorders, Lindsay became sensitive to several things such as strong smells, intense skincare + treatments, harsh ingredients + chemicals, especially while in a flare; and working with her clients realized a lot of people suffered the same. Autoimmune skin and people undergoing medical treatments, such as oncology, experience sensitive, reactive, inflamed and compromised; this ultimately charted the conception of The Skin + Lash Lab and the services provided.
Lindsay focuses on targeting skin health integrity, "aging well" facial treatments, and working with the body's own natural healing abilities. Beauty treatments were chosen to help create ease in your daily beauty routine, especially if you manage chronic illness or a busy schedule. The mere act of caring for ourselves in every aspect of our lives, including spa + beauty treatments, can alleviate stress, boost overall health, increase self-confidence, generate mindfulness, and bring on feelings of joy and happiness. She delights in showing people that caring for your skin is to care for your well-being, and how to appreciate + enhance their natural beauty through low-maintenance beauty treatments Remember, you deserve it, too.
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